Mastering Physics Homework Solutions Aren’t Always Right

Physics is subject that is often understood more easily with basic things like conceptual understanding, imagination and creativity. And even when taught or discussed through these concepts students can still get stuck with problems. This is why technology has been used to aid in the learning process.

A popular homework solutions system is Mastering Physics which is designed to react to how students are performing on homework assignments and offering guidance that helps them better learn the material and difficult concepts.

But many users of Mastering Physics have found that its homework solutions aren’t always right, leaving students back to having to fend for themselves and learn the physics concepts all on their own. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering that it does force students to double check their work and in essence improve their physics problem solving abilities, it does burden the student who blindly goes through a problem set without making sure all of the answers are correct.

The best way to counter the occasional wrong answer in the system is to work through the problems on your own and only use the system when it’s absolutely a requirement per your teacher’s request or to receive hints on how to solve specific problems.

Utilize all available resources that are given to you. Study guides or handouts presented in lecture complement your textbook and homework assignments perfectly. These will systematically go over all the steps you need to solve problems from a particular section and reinforce the skills you need but wouldn’t have if you simply went straight to the hints as provided in Mastering Physics.

You should also look at any sample quizzes offered online or provided by your teacher. Quizzes provide valuable practice and helps students apply their knowledge of physics instead of just crunching numbers in order to move onto the next homework problem. Quizzes force you to apply what you’ve learned throughout the class instead of just focusing on one lecture or section.

Lastly, if you or other students in your class do encounter wrong answers in the program, it’s important to let your teacher know immediately. Chances are the incorrect solution was entered by mistake and can be fixed quickly. And it’s helpful to get the correct answer up as soon as possible before other students get confused or stress themselves out working on a problem with an illogical or impossible answer.

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