Why Kids Shouldn't Have Homework: Top 5 Arguments

The debate about whether children should have to do homework is one that has been raging for years, with parents, teachers and students expressing a wide range of opinions for and against. At face value, many might argue that not asking them to continue their studies at home is simply pandering to either the students themselves, or that it is a case of political correctness gone mad. I hope that by briefly exploring the top 5 arguments against homework, I can shed a little light on what will undoubtedly continue to strike a chord with many for years to come.

  1. Children are under enough pressure at school.
  2. The school day lasts for six and a half to seven hours, depending upon the local authority. During that time, children are taught a wide range of subjects and their brains are stretched. They need time when they go home to unwind, and have some quality time with their family and friends before getting a decent night’s sleep. Giving them additional work just places unnecessary pressure and stress on them. Teaching staff are also not available to offer guidance at home.

  3. Family time suffers when young people have to study at home.
  4. Family life has moved on since homework was first introduced. A lot of children come from families where both parents work. Some youngsters have to go to childcare after school and to force them to do homework then seriously impacts upon what little time they do have as a unit. Parents are also frequently stressed when coming home from work and having to cook dinner and do a multitude of tasks around the home. Parents don’t have time to sit down, in the same way, that they used to and help their kids with their homework. Forcing the issue causes unnecessary tension within the family home.

  5. Children need time to be active.
  6. There has been a lot of coverage in recent years about children not taking enough exercise and the looming obesity crisis. Forcing children to do homework is counterproductive as it takes them away from playing out with their friends, or doing sports activities that are beneficial to their health and emotional well-being.

  7. Just like adults need a work /life balance kids need a home/school balance.
  8. Balance is the key to enjoying a rewarding and healthy life. Young people need to be able to switch off from school when they leave without fretting and worrying that they have several more hours of study ahead of them. Teachers should be able to structure lessons in such a way as to facilitate learning without the need for work outside of school.

  9. There are too many opportunities to cheat.
  10. With most families enjoying unrestricted access to the internet, the answers to most homework questions are just a click away. Giving work to do at home simply encourages young people to cut corners and search for the answers online. Because internet access is restricted in schools, kids have to work harder for the answers. The practice is an outdated one and teachers and schools need to find a way of moving with the times.

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