Easy Tips to Succeed with Your Math Homework

Sometimes math homework can feel that it is a huge task. Even if you normally find the subject easy there comes a time when you may need an extra bit of help.

  1. Take notes during the class. You may find that you get on well in class but the problem is when you get home – it all just goes out of the window. Make you notes brief and just highlight the main concepts.
  2. Make sure that you pick up any handouts that you tutor has produced.
  3. Check the school website for additional math homework tips.
  4. Look online – there are several websites that have u-tube type instructional that may be of use to you. If there are sometimes watching these at home may help significantly.
  5. Look for other websites that offer free help through 'bite sized' tutorials that follow the math curriculum.
  6. Get together with some of your class to form a math study group.

Still stuck? Do you have a budding mathematical genius at home that you can go to for help and support? This is always a difficult one as many parents may not be available to help you or they may not understand they way that you have been taught to 'do' math. The other side to this is that they be able to to the math but not be able to explain it to you. Help!

You have exhausted your own resources by working through tips 1-6 above. Now go back to your tutor, and tell them what you have tried and that you are still having problems. They may be able to offer you a 1-1 session, or they may cover the work again in a class session especially if others in your class are having the same problems.

You now have two choices.

  1. Check out local math tutors. This is going to cost, but the sessions will be tailored to your needs. The tutor may work with you at your home.
  2. Check out the math tuition that is available online. Find a reputable company that specifically employs math tutors (as opposed to tutors that teach math), make sure that they are familiar with the curriculum you are following. An online math tutor will be able to provide you with Skype sessions, answer your emails within a reasonable time and be able to answer you math questions within forty-eight hours. Check out the cost for this type of support.

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