Imperialism and Colonialism

Does colonialism and imperialism mean the same thing? Analysts distinctly believe they are different even though they can both be used to describe a government or nation. Some have interchangeably used the terms only to later learn the have different meanings. The terms actually have significant history dating back decades and maybe even centuries. They have something to do with the way a country or nation runs their government. They specifically outline economic and political domination, but how one option does it is different from the other. So what is the difference between imperialism and colonialism?

With colonialism one nation has control of another. It may be seen as a practice in which a nation would adopt procedures and carry them out. A region may set rules for another region to follow. The nation may have different regions following specific protocol such as having the same social and physical structure. Overtime the region will inherit ways of developing their economy that would be practiced and adapted to with the next generation. There could be an economy, physical, and social status already in place in a region, but colonialism can easily wipe it away for good.

Imperialism is an idea behind developing control on an economic or political aspect. There may be an idea behind their practice which is a little different from colonialism. With imperialism a region can grow or expand their ideas to help grow their economy. They may have means of creating an empire that would take over a nation or multiple regions. Imperialism may allow a region or nation to exercise their power through their practices with specific focuses that give them overall control. Imperialism has a longer history than colonialism with evidence dating back to the time period of the Romans. Colonialism dates back to the 15th century.

Colonialism and imperialism have usual histories since they were associated with different people. Europeans practiced colonialism, but individuals more likely practiced imperialism. Once you understand their differences you have a better idea of how a region functions and develops their form of being for their society. People may speculate which countries today exercise one or the other. You would need to understand practices carried out by regions when each concept started years ago. You would also need to have an idea of where the region (their leaders) plan to lead their area (what direction do they hope to take their region).

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