Homework Writing Ideas: Preparing Your Working Space

Preparing your workspace when you set out to do homework is an important step to getting every task done on time. Having a work space will do wonders for your focus and your concentration. If you struggle with getting your ideas out on paper or focusing on your studies it will be very beneficial for you to set up a working space. So how can you set up the most efficient work space?

  1. 1. Your work space needs to be free from clutter. This means that you keep it clean from anything that does not relate to your homework. If you are working at a desk in your room then you need to remove anything that might be considered clutter or a distraction. If you are working in a study room at a library or work center then this really is not a problem. But if you are working from the comfort of your kitchen you may want to remove anything from your line of sight that might clutter up the work space.

  2. 2. Your work space needs to be quiet. In order to concentrate you should remove any distractions such as a television in the background or your phone constantly ringing or vibrating. If you work better with music in the background that is perfectly fine but you should make sure it is classical or instrumental music. Music with lyrics in it will distract you from your work and keep you from focusing.

  3. 3. Your work space should be calm. Peppermint is a great scent to have in the background as it can help you focus. You might consider burning incense that is peppermint scented or perhaps brewing a cup of peppermint tea while you work.

  4. 4. Your work space should have everything you need for your homework. That means that if you are working on math homework you should have your protractor or calculator or pens and pencils and note cards handy. Try and keep any of the tools that you use for homework in one space or one box so that you can bring it with you to your study space.

  5. 5. Your work space should be motivating. If you need to remind yourself or encourage yourself while you work you should post pictures of family members who love you or the college you want to one day attend around your work space. Every time you look up it will serve as a reminder of your goals.

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